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How a about a southern breeze?

Thessaloniki-St.Gallen in 30 minutes!

Chef Christian Burri and his team are always conscious of the origin of the condiments they use. They prefer to use regional products directly from the producers. The alignment of the kitchen can be described with sentences such as «Long live diversity!» and «Long live the South!». Christian Burri travelled through southern Europe, northern Africa, the Balkans and Greece to Asia, and he brought back many impressions which decisively influenced his style of cooking – and delight the palates of his guests regularly.


There are several daily and weekly changing lunch menus offered in the restaurant.

  • MenuOne: A menu-classic. Affordable, sophisticated and well. And every day different.
  • Veggie-Menu: The other menu of the day. Without meat.
  • Menu of the beautiful scenery: The menu that's dedicated to the view of the station square.
  • Beer menu: Always a good piece of meat. To go with a little glass of Schützengarten beer.
  • Fish Trip: whether from the lake, the river or the sea – this menu celebrates fish.

All the menus are announced day by day in the morning. Because of that it is regrettably not possible to publish them here on the site. If you wish to know the daily menu, please ask for it from approximately 9:30 a.m. by email:


On the current menu you will find the following dishes:
Menu Winter