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Again and again in summer!

Refresh yourself in the beer lounge.

Since a few years, our welcoming beer lounge is situated in the middle of the station square. The beer lounge is usually open from April until October and it's owned by the Metropol crew. It's a good place to stay if you like to escape from the scorching heat of your office or for just having a quick refresher while changing train or public transportations. More and more people from St.Gallen meet here for an after-work beer or they meet friends.

In the beer lounge you can get snacks from the kitchen of the first floor restaurant which perfectly match to the extensive range of drinks.

The beer lounge is open when the weather is fine. And this makes sense: Just then you can perfectly enjoy the beautiful open-air feeling on the most bustling place of city of St.Gallen. You are always welcome in the first floor restaurant or in the bistro if the weather is to dreadful to stay outside.